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*Working together with individuals, families, groups and organizations*

* Supporting early intervention*

*Before & after school care*

*Pre-reading, pre-math, social & creative enrichment for children in the early years*

*Program and curriculum development*

* Collaborations between artists,

educators, community & cultural organizations*

*Festivals, Conferences, Special event support*

*Multicultural and intergenerational experiences*

Servicing the

Kansas City area and beyond 



Gail Forstater, M.Ed. 

One of the great joys of my life has been interacting and exploring with others.

Knowing how crucial it is to provide developmentally appropriate care and enrichment in the early years, I clearly see the necessity of providing strong and nurturing, holistic support for every child's unique development and well being. 

Expressing creativity through play and exploration, connecting with nature, and the arts as means of tuning in to social and emotional  needs.  Together, we create healthy environments building foundations for supporting families, today and into the future.  

 I have spent years working side by side with the founder and director of Global and  Multicultural Eduction,  a non-profit organization in the Kansas City area.  Proudly serving on the board,  we built a strong team of dedicated members who willingly shared their time, talents, and passion for our mission. My work in schools, camps, and the community has brought meaning to my life and I have helped encourage others to bring out their best and to create healthy, vibrant communities. 

"When we are aware that each moment of each day, each gesture and step we take, is truly mystical and full of wonder, we will live our lives with greater thought and care. We will also have greater respect and appreciation for the lives of others. " 

 Daisaku Ikeda

 "The opposite of play is not work. It's depression." Brian Sutton-Smith

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