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Nature Photo NoteCards (in the works)

 A to Z with Gail

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A to Z with Gail

A to Z with Gail

Arts and Adventures

Books and Bubbles

Cooking and Care, Creativity and Construction

Dancing and The Dinosaur Museum

Explorations and Errands

Friendships and Fun



Individualized activities




Math through Play and Music

New Discoveries

Open ended learning-Options

Play, Problem Solving, Photography

Questions- Investigating to find answers

Reading together

Smiles, Safety and Science

Teamwork and Time


Visual Thinking Strategies


Xtra help

You are special!

Zippety Zound


Rhythms and Sounds   

June 12 and July 24


Colors in our World

June 17 

For the Love of Nature

  June 19 and July 31

Textures: Explorations and Expressions  

June 26


Lines from A to Zig Zag  

July 10

Tuesdays 9:30-11am or specially arranged times according to your needs

class size 1-4 children


Providing a safe environment with personalized attention and sensitivity to cooperative, compassionate social dynamics. Together we use creative arts, literature, games, and science with the belief that age appropriate, simple activities inspire rich, engaging and expansive learning experiences.